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When I began working with studio owners on their marketing, I started with a few diagnostic questions about the studio’s leads:

  1. How many leads do you get?
  2. How often do you get new leads?
  3. How many of those leads are turning into paying customers?

In the process of doing so, I found that most studio owners weren’t really keeping track of who was contacting them.

Leads were scattered all over email, text, etc… and it seemingly became impossible to keep track if even just 5 people per month contacted the studio! 

Or, the studio had just given up.

Or, they didn’t see the need to keep track.

That is why I created this training video.

I am going to walk you through my “Never Lose a Student” Followup Tool.

This training and tool will help you get organized in your studio – and to stop letting leads slip through the cracks.

So, download the tool, and follow along with the video below to learn how to customize your Followup Tool to fit your studio and goals.

“Never Lose A Student” Followup Tool <– click to open in a new tab!


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