Avg. kid for Primer: how many pieces do you keep and how many are new each week?


Daniel: “For an average kid for primer, how many pieces do you keep and how many pieces are new each week? That’s the question I was going to raise my hand for.” Okay, perfect.

Very simple, and this is kind of top of mind for me. I started a ton of kids at the beginning of summer, so I have a lot of kids going through those initial primer pages. Most of those kids came their first week and got up to page 23. At the intro lesson they would have gotten up to page 15, I’m sorry, page 14. In their first full group lesson they would’ve started at page 15 and gotten to page 23, plus getting all of unit one in the technique book, plus doing all the unit one exercises in the theory book. They’re going to go home and rehearse those songs for the week. They’re going to come back, and my goal really for that second week is for me to mark off every single one of those songs, and give them an entirely new batch of songs. And more than likely go through about half of the white key unit.

So, again in favorite primer, from Balloons on page 25, all the way up to Ode to Joy on page 30. And then again in technique, doing the first four pages of that unit in technique book, and then doing several of the exercises in the theory book, all in the lesson. They’re going to go home, they’re gonna rehearse all those songs they learned in the lesson. They’re going to come back the third week. I’m going to pass all those off. They will not keep any of them, and they will get a whole new batch of songs. They’ll finish the back half of the white key unit.

Now, if there’s anything that they’re struggling on, I will work on that with them in, let’s say week two, they’re struggling with Men From Mars because they took the finger numbers away, and they’re having difficulty reading the up and down, the step wise motion. I’m going to just reassign that. So, I don’t reassign pieces for the sake of reassigning. It’s a choice that you can make. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it, but again, my focus is on just getting through the material quickly, provided they’re doing it in a quality fashion, because I know RCM exams are coming in a year. But I will only have them repeat if there’s an actual quality problem with the song.

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