BONUS EMAIL: My Standard “Reply” Email

There’s one email that I recommend that teachers use in their studio.

A standard email that they send to people who are inquiring about lessons at their studio.

I have several versions of this email. However, this is the email that I use 95% of the time.

I tested this extensively over the course of a year. I found that this seemed to answer most of the questions that parents asked me… before they asked them.

This builds trust and rapport between teacher and parent.

There is an old saying in business: “If you can describe your customer’s problem better than they can, they will automatically assume that you have the solution.”

This is how you can go from arm-twisting and “selling” to offering up a great product and parents just agreeing to join. No fuss, no muss.

Here’s the text of my standard email:

I got your message through my site, and I wanted to follow up to tell you a little bit more about getting started!
Each week, 90 students come to see me… and each week, I help them understand and enjoy music a little bit more. Kids love coming here, and I make the entire experience convenient and pleasant for parents.
My goal is to help students have fun and see music as a game. My experience over the past ten years has shown me that the best way to motivate someone is to make the learning process feel easy. This has been the key to unlocking potential that my student’s didn’t even know they had! The vast majority of my students move through their books at a faster rate than the “average” time that the publisher suggests it should take – and I believe it is directly connected to the exploratory and creative environment I create in my lessons.
Here’s how my lesson program works. After deciding to begin, parents pick a time that works for their schedule. We meet weekly for an hour lesson. Lessons are ongoing… I can take a student as far as they want to go – and can explore many different styles or types of playing (i.e., improv, songwriting, modern, classical, etc.).
Additionally, I provide advanced training for students who want to participate in the internationally-acclaimed Royal Conservatory’s Music Development Program. I am only one of 4 teachers in all of central Indiana that have students in the RCM program. Students who participate in the program can put the achievement certificates on their high school transcripts, and in some cases it can count for college credit. That opportunity is available to my students.
The first step towards getting started is to schedule an introductory lesson. During this first lesson, students learn the 7 basic facts that they need to play music… and then learn 4 – 6 songs within 15 minutes. It’s very exciting and motivating for a new student to see how quickly they can learn music!
Would you like to schedule an introduction?
Looking forward to speaking with you further!
– Daniel
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I’ve sent that… I’ve also sent pared down versions of this if parents seem very eager to start. If they are already complimenting me because of what they read on my website, I don’t send the long version.

Sometimes, the most effective thing to do is just to send a short email that says: “This sounds like a great fit! Would you like to come in for an introductory lesson?”

People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

Let people buy from you.

What do you think of the language in this email? Or, the other emails?

Do you have questions? Do you have a problem with some of the language?

Bring it up in a Q and A or in the SGL member’s group.

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