Can you market yourself as both a casual teacher for less committed students and a serious teacher for more advanced students?


Daniel: “Can you market yourself as both a casual teacher for less committed students and a serious teacher for advanced students?”

I’m going to point something out about the question. I don’t market myself as a casual teacher or as an advanced teacher or as a serious teacher. I market myself as an effective teacher that uses the appropriate tool for the job, depending on the type of student that there is, and there’s a huge difference than trying to market the program and trying to be Jekyll here and trying to be Hyde there. I present myself as a teacher that is very experienced at working with students at all levels, and that I apply the correct tool for the job at the correct level.

Another way of looking at it would be if… nobody goes to a doctor’s office, walks into the examination room once the doctor is in there, plops down and starts shooting the breeze, “Hey, how are you doing? I just want to get to know you a little bit better.” The doctor just wouldn’t put up with that. You don’t argue with the doctor. I guess you could, but most people don’t. Probably only in rare circumstances does that actually happen. In general, we know that when we’re on the doctor’s turf who’s in charge and the proper deferences made and you do the things he says. And not to be rude here, but if the doctor tells you to do something that literally no one else in the world could possibly ask you to do, you do it. That is just the power that is there.

That is the framework that I take when I’m thinking about lessons. And this goes right along with what was in training session four and five, that we’re the expert. We have a number of tools in our tool belt. We have a number of marketing messages that we can bring to the families. But overall, if you are approaching the relationship with that family as… with that mindset, that you’re a professional, you are the expert, that is really the place to come from.

However, I don’t want to misinterpret the question willfully, so I will maybe make one other comment about this question. Again, I’ll read the question. Can you market yourself as both a casual teacher for less committed students and a serious teacher for advanced students? On the other hand, what I say is I have students meet with me in the small accelerated groups. This is the best thing for the student at the beginning. But after a certain amount of time, after they’ve gotten to a certain point in their progress, it becomes advantageous to actually begin seeing that student one-to-one.

This is the exact script that I would use for the family. It becomes advantageous to see that student one-to-one because the needs of the learner change as they develop and as they move into intermediate music. And so after a certain period of time, I’m actually going to approach you and talk to you about joining my one-to-one program. And that happens once they’re finished with the beginner series. That’s how I address that.

But understand… and I think I touch on this in sessions four and five… but I do not market myself as a group teacher. I do not recommend anyone here market yourself as a group teacher. I recommend that you market yourself as someone who will solve the practice problem, as someone who does unique programs with children, as someone who gets huge results out of kids, and then when parents come in and they begin to speak with you, you tell them why that’s the case. You just market yourself.

And if you would go and look at all my marketing, you would never see a place in any of my marketing where I talk about group. It’s just not effective. And it’s so much than just trying to hide the fact that I’m a group teacher. It doesn’t matter. I would rather focus on the outcome of that child… this is marketing 101… I would rather focus on the outcome the child’s going to get and save all the cool tricks and tips that I have that makes the child get that outcome for much later down the road. Once I’ve earned the parents’ attention, I can then begin talking about the way that I get the child there. That’s how I approach that.

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