How should I tell parents I’m converting from travel studio to home?


Daniel: So, I know there are a few teachers here that do traveling studios, and there might be other folks that a component of what you’re doing currently with your one-to-one students is traveling to student’s homes. I will tell you, that was my experience for a very very long time. I did that for almost eight years before I ended that program. Even after I started the group. But at a certain point, I saw the potential, and the momentum was really getting heavy, and I was just like, you know what, I’m done with this, I’m going to end it. So the question that was asked, I’m just going to read it here. I’m converting from a travel studio to my home, and wonder if I should add any verbiage about the venue in the emails. So basically, what Deb’s doing, is not only converting from one-on-one to group, she’s converting from traveling to people’s homes, and converting those people to group as well. So it’s kind of a double whammy. What I will tell you, just as my personal story, is that when I ended my traveling program, I learned some very hard truths about the reason why those families were seeing me. And the primary reason was because I was traveling with them.

It is also interesting to note, this just personally for me, and maybe this reflects more on me and I’m just telling stories on myself, but it seemed to me that some of the families that were hardest to motivate, both the kids and the parents, were in those traveling studios, and it was almost like that convenience factor was really the big thing. And it was just kind of this casual thing. And so when I ended it, many of my students quit. And so what I will tell you, and this doesn’t just apply to Deb, but this also applies to everyone here. Is that the more things that you put on your studio families at once, and again, this is, I’m not telling you anything that probably many of you haven’t thought already. The more things that you put on your studio families at once, in my experience, the more pushback you’re likely going to have. So if you’re just converting the group, that’s a fairly painless process. You might get some pushback, but I’ve had many studios that have gone through this training where they have not had one family pushback on them.

Many studios have gone through this training and only had one or two. And to date, I haven’t had a studio that has gone through this training that has had more than like four parents pushback on them. So that might be different this summer, don’t know, but up to this point, it really hasn’t happened. But if you start adding on top of that, format changes, raising rates, taking away makeup lessons if you’ve been previously doing them, and then now you’re not doing them, the more things you add on top of that, the more likely it is that you are going to, it’s going to just be too much. It’s going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. And so what I would generally say is that, try to keep, and this is kind of the answer I’ve been going to is, try to keep those things separate. Get people interested in the program first, using offer email one and two. And once they have conceptually agreed to the idea that they want their kids to progress faster, only at that point would I then begin adding these other things on top of that. So that’s kind of the answer I’d put there. Or that’s the way I would answer that.

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