How much do you write in their assignment books? Detailed instructions or just the name of the piece?

Anything I write in the assignment books is mostly for me and the parent, not the actual student. More likely than not, the student is not reviewing any practice instructions or comments I write down.

Think of assignment books as a space to keep track of attendance and speed, or to show parents their kid’s progress.


Daniel: How much do you write in their assignment books. Detailed instructions or just the name of the piece. I happen to have an assignment book from Lost and Found here, right on my desk. This is it. Oh, to go along with the doctor theme, I have horrible handwriting, and I write very fast, and so it’s all chicken scratch. So, date at the top, name, LB for lesson book, page numbers. I write new, continue or review. It’s the only three things I write or pencil, if it’s theory book. Occasionally, I will write some specific directions, but I don’t kid myself. I know kids don’t read it, so why waste my time, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

It’s mostly, honestly, for me and the parent. So, I mean I know the kids reference it, but … if they’re not leaving with a problem solved, me writing a couple sentences on their notebook is not going to change that. So, I don’t … Again, my preference that it’s just kind of how I have done things for a very, very long time. So, for me, the assignment book is really just almost for attendance and for me to kind of have a sense of how long they’re spending on their books, how many pages they’re covering per week.

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