If a prospective student calls you, do you do an interview first or send an email first (a marketing email)?


Daniel: “You have an email letter for prospective students?” Carmela, do you mean just for people who are coming new into the studio? Do I have an email that I send out that explains group?

Carmela: Yes. Say for instance, someone calls me on the phone. Do you just do immediately an interview? Or do you actually send them an email?

Daniel: Ah, okay. So, if someone calls me, I will call them back, and my main thrust is not to explain anything about my lesson program unless they ask a question. My main thrust for that entire call is just to get them to them to come into a intro lesson to see me in action with a kid … with their kid. And then, and only then, do I actually ever talk about group.

And so, I actually want to address this, because I’ve been seeing this come up a little bit in the group. People have emailed me things.

If you go look at my personal studio website, there is not one word breathed about group on there. Because it doesn’t matter. To explain how you get the result is bad marketing. To explain what the result is, is great marketing. And I could go five hours on unpacking that, and explaining to you exactly how all that is. We don’t have the time to do that here. My point is, is that I don’t get people hung up on the format that I choose. And so all of my initial communication is really around how awesome their kid’s going to be, how quickly they’re going to get it, how easy it’s going to feel, all that stuff. And then only after they’ve shown some commitment to the process and actually picked up the phone and called me back, or sent me an email back, or scheduled the trial lesson to actually come in. Only then do I begin to talk about the way that I do things in the studio.

So I don’t really have a version of the offer letter that I send out to new families because it’s against my personal idea of how marketing should even be. Yeah. I think that would be bad marketing, to hit people up front with a message like that. So, I hope that helps.

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