Is it worth pushing if I sent my offer letter out and didn’t get a response from a few prime candidates for group?


Client: It’s just regarding the offer email that gets sent out. Now, I’ve had a weak, positive response from most of the families. There’s a couple of families who just haven’t replied at all, so I just … and they’re prime candidates for the program. So, do you think it’s worth raising it verbally to the parents?

Daniel: So, I would actually send them another email or two, and say, “Hey, I sent an email last week. I’m really excited about this program, and I think you guys would …” You guys.. Don’t say that. “I think Rosie would be perfect for this program. Let me know what you think? If you lost that email or didn’t get it, let me know, because I want to send it over to you right away”.

That’s what I’d do. If you send a couple emails, and you don’t get anything back, then I would ask them verbally if they got the email, when you’re face to face with them. This is important. Say, “I’m going to resend it to you. I’d love to hear back from you in a few days. Do you think you can email me back in a few days?”

I wouldn’t try to do that script in person with them. Yeah. You know what I mean? But I would try to get that commitment from them in person to reply to you. I think you’re going to find that they probably will, you know what I mean?

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