Marketing to newbies – general advice?


Daniel: In terms of marketing the group to people that are new, obviously I don’t have the time to get into a complete marketing method or a complete studio marketing funnel. I don’t think that’s what you’re asking about, but in terms of marketing to new people, what I would say is that in session four and five I talk about the two aspects of marketing that you’re going to have.

One, to your current families, and you will only have that conversion process once, and then what you do in new families. And what you do in new families is obviously in whatever ways that you use currently to bring interest, you are not advertising the group in whatever way, whether it’s word of mouth, a first phone call you’re having with people, in an ad, if you run ads, and fliers and yard signs, whatever it is you do, you’re not advertising group lessons or early childhood group lessons, or that sort of thing. You are selling people on the experience of children moving through their material very, very fast, having fun, and it feeling easy.

There’s four marketing messages I talk about in session four. Only once they have mentally and emotionally committed to that idea do you then begin talking about logistics. And so what I would say is I would not lead with, “Hey, I’m doing early childhood group classes.” I would get into the minds of parents… and again, this is applicable to anyone here. Maybe you’re not doing early childhood group classes. Maybe you’re doing primary school. Maybe you want to do teen groups. Maybe you want to do adult groups.

You get into the mind of that customer, figure out what the cash value is for them, figure out the big goal they have, the emotional hook, and that’s what you promote. And then when they come in, you give them a taste of that with an intro lesson, is what I do, or maybe you give them a taste of that through a consultation call. I know some studios do that. And once they are there, once they’re excited about that, only then does the question of logistics come up, because who are they to question what you, the expert at music and educating people in music, who are they to question the method by which you are causing that journey to happen for them.

That’s how I would approach marketing to people who are new to your studio.

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