Massive Google Ads Tutorial Old

In this session, you will:

  • Create your Google Ads account
  • Select the correct settings for your new account
  • Enter your billing information
  • Create a new campaign
  • Set up your targeting
  • Set up your first ad group
  • Enter your initial keywords
  • Create your first ad
  • Set up ad extensions for your account
  • Create additional ad groups for your Google Ads account
  • Create additional keyword groups
  • Enter negative keywords
  • Learn more about creating great ads on the Google Ads network
  • The principle behind a great ad (no matter what network!)

These videos contain helpful information and context. However, they are not “information” only.

This session is designed to be a “hands-on” tutorial. My recommendation would be to watch this on a second screen while you create your account on the first screen.

For instance, you could let the video run on your tablet or smartphone. You could build your account on your main screen as this happens.

One more note…

Even if you do not intend to run ads right now, it would be good create your account now.


Google Ads has to approve your account before you can run ads on search network.

Having your account approved and ready to go will serve you in the long run.

If you don’t want to run your ads, go ahead and create the account and then just set your entire account to “Paused” after completing the setup.

Before you begin, be sure to download and save the following three resources. You’ll need these resources as you create your Google Ads account:

Download the Module 5 Handouts
Download the Search Keyword Report
Download the Negative Keyword Report

This is a video-session. Click the play button to get started!






Special Note

We built this campaign live with a Masterclass student.

We only did the setup… and the owner completed it later.

What was the result?

This was the feedback we received:

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