The Master Checklist for Website Conversion

In Session 4, we’re defining the action that we want people to take on your site.

But, this isn’t a series of abstractions about the “ideal web site”.

These are hands on tasks for you to actually DO.

In this session, you will discover dozens of fixes and improvements you can make to your site. If you make these improvements, you will experience a lift in the number of people reaching out to you.

WARNING: There is a lot of information here. It might be quite easy for you to get overwhelmed.

To help alleviate confusion, I have chosen to do several things:

  1. Though I reference three types of fixes (simple, intermediate, and complex), you will only find the first two categories here
  2. The complex fixes will be coming in a separate session later – I recommend holding off on those until you’ve completed the simple category
  3. I am going to include a fifth session in this module that will do walkthroughs of several successful sites demonstrating ACTUAL examples of the fixes and improvements that are mentioned here

My goal for you is complete understanding of these concepts. With the session summaries, the Take Action list, and the walkthrough examples… you will gain a great understanding of these concepts.

You can revisit these concepts by downloading the Summary and Worksheet below.

There will be no exercises to turn in for this module.

This session is audio-only.

Download the Session Summary

The Take Action Worksheet is timestamped so you can jump right into the appropriate part of the video on subsequent listens.

Download the Take Action Worksheet

The Stock Photo Resource includes a list of websites, guidelines, and examples for finding stock photos for your website.

Download the Stock Photo Resource

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