The Offer Email

The first email you will send out is The Offer email.

This is the formal announcement that something new is coming. The goal is to get parents on board with this new program. To get them to give an initial yes to the OUTCOMES of the program… not the program itself.

The best way to demonstrate this is to allow you to read an example of a great Offer email:

I am very excited to announce a new opportunity at ​[YOUR STUDIO].

My desire is to see kids excel in their music, have fun at the keyboard, and actually ENJOY playing at home each day.

[YOUR STUDIO] has had record enrollment this school year because kids love coming here!
However, I am never satisfied with the status quo. I find NEW ways to help my students succeed.
I am proud to announce Accelerated Piano Lab which is beginning in [MONTH of YEAR].
The purpose of this program is to address the #1 problem that piano students have.
The difficulty of home practice.
Many children dread home practice for one reason: It takes too much work. We simply do not have the time to practice with repetition or to drill those tough parts in the lesson.
This is true of most piano studios and music schools in the U.S. There is just so much to do in 30 minutes.
I am solving this problem once and for all in my studio.
 The Accelerate curriculum:
  • Lasts for one hour each week
  • Has been shown to dramatically improve a student’s sightreading skills…. this is the #1 skill that students need to learn music quickly
  • Helps children move through their books faster
  • Allows the student to learn more music each week… this translates into faster completion time
  • Includes proven practice techniques so home practice is all about review and increasing speed – less tedium = more fun at home.
  • Includes some amazingly fun review games… I’m a little jealous that I wasn’t able to do this as a kid!
  • Will minimize your need to supervise practice at home
The best news?
Tuition is exactly the same as your current rate.
Here’s how to join…
At this time, I can only take 4 students. Sad, but true!
I will be adding more opportunities to work with this curriculum later this year.
The first 4 people to respond will get priority. Everyone else will go on the waiting list.
Email me now and I will send you additional information.
Very best,

A couple thoughts:

1. This is an actual email that was sent by a coaching client of mine. She had a high percentage of people switch to the group because of this email.

2. I wrote this email. I wanted to give her an example of what I would write if I was trying to convert my studio over right now. My recommendation was for her to copy the majority of this – and change the things that weren’t necessarily true.

For instance… you might not have record enrollment in your studio right now. You would need to substitute that with something that is true about your Studio. Something that you can point to as a strength of your studio. Make it something related to the 4 talking points from Session 4 (if you forget, you can look it up on the Session 4 Summary).

3. I do recommend that you make it somewhat exclusive. It could be “4 people” or “8 people” or “12 people”. There’s no magic to that number.

That doesn’t mean that you will necessarily cap it at that number. In fact, I recommend you don’t.

But, what you could come back and say is that “there was such an overwhelming response that you are allowing more people in”… do that after a couple of days. This is social proof. It’s great marketing. It excites parents to know that you are doing big things in your studio and that others are excited, as well.

4. As mentioned, you are mostly COPYING this email and making small tweaks. Most of my private clients have done that… with great results.

5. The name! it doesn’t have to be “Accelerated Piano Lab”… One of my clients just called it “Accelerate.” One called it “Piano Club.” Most haven’t even named it all! It doesn’t matter. You could just call it your new “lesson program”. That is effective as well!.

Your Assignment

Your assignment is to take this email and tweak it to fit your studio.

From here you can do several things:

1. If you intend to start your group program soon, you could send it out immediately.

2. If you already have a group program and would like to EXPAND IT, you could revise the text of this email to make it sound like a “re-launch” of your program or that you’re expanding the content. That would not be untrue. It’s quite likely that you will make educational changes to your program based on the material that is coming in the Education Sessions.

3. If you’re not ready to launch your program or would prefer to wait until after you’ve completed the entire course, you could go ahead and write it now, but then wait until you’re ready to launch to do so.

Which of these will you do?

Would you let me know?

Do so by going to the Successful Group Lessons Facebook group and finding the “New Members Superthread” post pinned to the top of the page:

Comment there letting me know which of those options you intend to do, and then TAG ME (@Daniel Patterson).

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Once you’ve done that, come back and mark task complete!

If you have additional questions, please indicate that in your comment to me.

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