The Reminder Email

You’ve sent out your Offer Email.

You’ve touched based with everyone with the Follow Up Email.

You’ve even set a start date and scheduled everyone!

What’s next?

You need to send a Reminder Email!

But, this isn’t just any reminder email. Obviously, we are dealing with adults here… most adults can remember to come to a new lesson time!

No, we’re going to send a Reminder Email that sets parents up for success.

Scrutiny on your new program is going to be high.

You don’t want parents to judge the merits of your program based on their experiences the first week.

We are going to set a subtle expectation with parents that will guarantee that you don’t get a flurry of emails from parents asking to switch back to their old 1 on 1 lesson.

The Email

Here is the text of the email you are going to send:

Good morning-
Two important announcements:
1. We are on a different schedule this [SEMESTER / MONTH]. Make a note on your calendar or in your phone reminders about your new time!
2. This is the first week of the accelerated program!
Here is something to keep in mind as we move into this new format:
The reason it’s called accelerated is because it will help students move through their books faster.
The strength of this program is that it trains students to be more independent.
This means that initially… students might say that it feels “hard”. Do not be alarmed if students experience some “growing pains” at first.
This is absolutely normal!
It might take a month or two for students to fully adapt to this new format.
However, the difference it will make in the long term will be incredible.
I have seen firsthand this curriculum in action in other studios, and the results are very impressive!
I am so excited to be giving this opportunity to my students!

Do you see what’s happening here? I’ll boil it down.

We are setting an expectation with parents…

  1. You are going to experience problems
  2. That means the program works!

This is genius level marketing.

Most of your kids won’t care about the new format.

But, a few parents and a few students will. What this means is that if anyone comes to you and complains, you can say to them:

“Oh yeah, this is totally normal. This is what happens at first. The accelerated pace is a little uncomfortable… but that means students are building new ‘music muscles’. That will go away as their skill increases.”

Again, for a parent to object, they are going to have to engage in cognitive dissonance.

They would have to say they don’t want their child to be better at the piano!

Only the most irrational of parents would actually fight you on this!

This is how you become a genius level marketer.

If you control the conversation and the framework, this will never descend into an argument. By defining the terms of this new reality, parents would have to argue with you that this program doesn’t work… which they can’t. They don’t know, because they have never seen it in action.

You have the high ground here.

When To Send the Reminder Email

This is simple.

If your new program starts on a Monday, I would send this out the Thursday or Friday before. This gives parents all weekend to read the email.

Once again, you can copy this email verbatim.

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