What do students need to practice at home?

For younger students, home practice mostly looks like reviewing what they learned in lessons.

For older or more advanced students, you have more flexibility in assigning what they’ll be doing at home.


Daniel: What do they need to practice at home? For younger students I just want them to review what they learn in lesson.

At a certain point, when they begin to transition to only learning part of the song with me, and having to learn the rest at home, which comes at different levels for different kids. For my rockstar kids, that could come as early as red. There is one girl, Maria, and I think I talk about her in the training, she went through all of Faber in 19 months. It’s just bananas. I was literally assigning her whole units to get by herself at home, and she was coming back and they were pretty much perfect.

So, it’s going to be different for different children. If I did that with other kids at level one, it would be a disaster show. So, at a certain point when you begin to transition them over to them learning part of the song at home, where you’re starting to hand the baton off to them and giving them more responsibility, their practice time is going to need to go up, and they’re going to be reviewing what they learn with you, but they’re going to be learning that new material at home.

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