Which Faber books do you use? How do you handle siblings taking group lessons at the same time?


Daniel: “Which Faber books do you use? And have siblings taking the group lessons at the same time..” which is fantastic. That’s really smart for parents and you. “Sometimes I think it’s good to have them in different books, this way they do not compare each other.” I use Faber- lesson, theory, technique. In terms of the sibling equation, what I will say is that I used to do that. It’s a totally fine practice. I would have one student in Faber, another in Hal Leonard or something like that.

Now, I typically just put them in the same books, but a lot of times I’ll give them separate lesson books, I’ll give them separate theory books, have them share technique and then because the book set typically has three and parents are used to paying for three books per kid, I will do the performance book as well and I will stagger the songs that the kids play. I don’t really get the sense that kids are comparing all that much. I haven’t really experienced complaints about that. If it is, to me that’s a parenting problem and I’m just going to push that back on the parent.

That’s how I handle siblings. I had four siblings yesterday, on Tuesdays at 3:20 for the summer and youngest kid is in MFPAC, next oldest kid is in level 2B about halfway through and then the two oldest are both in level four. The younger of the two oldest, so I think the oldest girl she’s 14 and then the next oldest is 12, he caught up to her. When they started she was in 3A and he was in late 2A. Now they’re both right at the end of level four. He caught up. I don’t really get the sense that she cares all that much. I don’t get the sense that he’s rubbing it in. It is what it is. I just haven’t experienced that. If it is a really big problem, then yeah, have them take different books. That’s great.

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